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Please contact us by phone, email or fax to report a claim.

telephonebooth_mediumInsurance is about a promise. The promise to get you back to where you were before something sudden and unforeseeable happened to cause you damage.

This is the part of our relationship with you that is all about service and satisfaction. When you advise us of what has happened we will collect as much information about it as you can provide. We will then begin our review of the coverage you have purchased and determine if the policy will respond to the peril that caused your damage.

We will contact the insurance company to assign an adjuster to contact you and to discuss who you’d like to complete the repairs or where you’d like to go to purchase replacements for your property.

This part of the process can be confusing and we’re here to help you understand it. Usually from the time the claim is sent for adjusting until your damages are repaired the process is simple and smooth.

The insurance companies we deal with have been chosen for the kind of claims service they provide but sometimes there are disputes over the values or quality of the items to be replaced, when this happens we are the people to call.

As your broker we will explain the rights the insurance policy gives you in your disagreement with the insurance company and help you make the proper appeals.

However we cannot “adjust” your claim due to our licensing restrictions. The claims process is the most important part of the insurance promise, it is important that you know your broker is there to guide you through it.