Motorcycle Insurance

Enjoy the whole ride and that free-spirit lifestyle by getting the policy you really need.

Mandatory & Additional coverages

    • Civil Liability & Direct Compensation : You would be covered should there be damage to a third party or should your motorcycle be damaged while you’re not at fault.
    • Collision & Comprehensive Coverages : You would be covered in the case of a collision for which you would be at fault or should you be the victim of a hit-and-run, as well as for theft, fire and vandalism.
    • Free roadside assistance and limited coverage for accessories and equipment.
    • Replacement Cost Coverage
      In the case of a partial loss, you would be covered for replacing damaged parts that could not be repaired.
      In the case of a total loss, your coverage would equal the lowest between the purchase price and the price of a vehicle similar to the insured one on the date of the loss.

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