Commercial Auto and Fleets Insurance

Your business relies on timely on-site presence and optimal performance to carry and haul merchandise regardless of driving conditions. There is no way around it, there is no detour and there is no road closure. Let us help you to ensure you get there.


  • Civil Liability: You would be covered should there be damage or injury to a third party while using one your commercial vehicles.
  • Coverage for damage: Your commercial vehicles would be covered in the case of a collision for which you or your team member would be at fault.


  • Travel expenses: If the vehicle cannot be retrieved for several days your policy can cover the cost of leasing a replacement vehicle, transportation and accommodation expenses
  • Replacement value: The depreciation factor would not be considered, in the event of parts that need to be replaced or in the event of a total loss, in which case you get a new vehicle with the same features.
Commercial Auto and Fleets

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